In the process of engine assembly and new energy vehicle battery pack assembly, the tightening procedure of bolts must be in proper order according to SOP definition. This is critical to both the product quality and the life cycle of the engine or battery pack. Without proper automated monitoring processes, many incidents are frequently taking place. In order to avoid such manual operational errors, a “real-time” visual monitoring system is required to ensure the entire tightening procedure is following the designed order. This reduces operation error to zero and maximizes the assembling quality.



  • PM family cameras are recommended for this application
  • A marker panel mounted on electric fastening tools


Provide total software solution, including recognition and tracking features, electric fastening tools communication and control module, and user panel customization support


  • Standard solution product, easy for installation and maintenance
  • Single camera supports upto 2m FOV, larger work space is supported through multi-camera fusion way
  • Resolution of electric fastening tools upto to 10mm
  • Support multiple electric fastening tools tracking
  • Support use of projector for operators guidance

Application Video

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