Company Overview

Percipio is an industry leading provider of 3D cameras. We provide a broad range of 3D camera products to meet requirements from various applications, such as industrial, automotive, inspection, logistics, medical, security and commercial etc. We will continue to develop and optimize our product roadmap to support more 3D vision applications.

Percipio is an independent vendor of 3D machine vision solutions. We provide products and services to system integration customers rather than end users. This marketing strategy allows us to serve multiple sectors and segments, and also means that our success will be based on our customer’s success. Together with our customer’s industry specific expertise, we can support end users with implementing machine intelligence, which will improve productivity and/or reduce cost.


Focus in 3D Vision Technology Innovations

Broad Range of Product Choices to Meet Various Applications Demanding

Software Development Support

Long Term Roadmap Commitment

Ultra Cost Effective

Open Business Model, Collaboration with System Developers/Integrators