3D vision guided Robotic Systems are widely used in manufacturing and logistic sectors, which can reduce labor on a large scale, and improve efficiency and safety. It has been used in automobile, engineering and machinery, food and beverage, home appliances, furniture, logistics and many other industries. It is expected to be applicable in all types of manufacturing sectors in the future.


Camera Hardware

  • FM/PM/PS families could be good choice for this application. Specific camera choice will depend on various requirements of the application, including distance, FOV, accuracy and speed.
  • Eye-to-Hand and Eye-in-Hand are both well supported.


  • A completed software package can be provided based on 2D+3D segmentation method. Optional machine learning support package is also available for commercial license
  • RVS software development platform is the choice of customization and secondary development.


  • Mature and production proven
  • Rich choice of cameras depending on accuracy, FOV and working distance
  • Supports both eye-to-hand and eye-in-hand
  • Provide standard SDK and integrated development platform (RVS platform), including AI and machine learning supporT

Application Video

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