Bin Picking is technically more challenging than depalletizing, but it has much higher potential in many industries, including electronic manufacturing, automobile and e-commerce. These kind of applications usually involve irregular and random ordered objects, which requires higher accuracy and more advanced software. In many cases the camera is required to work with different types of co-bot robotics.


Camera Hardware

  • FM/FS/PM/PS family could be a good choice for these applications according to different requirements of distance, FOV, accuracy and speed.
  • Eye-to-Hand and Eye-in-Hand are both well supported.


  • Completed software package is provided based on 2D+3D segmentation method, optional machine learning support package also available for commercial license
  • The free RVS platform is the choice of customization and secondary development


  • Large FOV, support eye-to-Hand and eye-in-hand
  • RGB and Depth data are aligned and synchronized, Easy to deploy 2D+3D algorithms
  • RVS platform supports user software development, customers can develop and integrate their private algorithm or library

Application Video

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