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Tool download

Percipio Viewer

Viewer is a specific tool for reviewing data from all series of Percipio depth cameras. Users can review quickly all datas of camera including depth, point clouds, RGB image, IR image, etc. and also modify parameters like gain, exposure time, etc. online.

USB Driver

For usb device, you need to install relative driver for your system, before using Viewer tool.

SDK download

We provide SDK for kinds of platforms. You need to download corresponding version of software.

Windows SDK

Providing driver of Windows system, examples. Supporting X86/X64 framework.

Linux SDK

Providing driver for Linux system, examples. Supporting AArch64,ARMv7hf,i686 & X86/X64.

Android SDK

Providing driver for Android system, examples. Supporting ARMv7hf hardware.


Providing device driver files of Linux system, examples. Supporting ARM framework.


Supporting Linux and ARM platform. Make sure having installed OpenNI2 SDK correctly before.


This documentation specifies how developing with Percipio SDK, including development environment configuration, tool installation, API, hardware references, etc.


Kinds of problems coming into in use cases have been summarized in this documentation, including hardware principle, environment configuration of different platforms and others related to personalization or support.