RGBD series depth sensor
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With powerful computing chip embedded, the RGB series of Percipio depth  cameras can output directly depth data. We have rich portfolio for this series, like different interfaces, resolutions, frame rates, etc. Supporting perfect synchronization and data splicing of multi devices. Industrial projection design makes it work more stable and durable. Re-calibration free and maintenance free. Let developers make it more efficient with all platforms supported, like Windows, Linux, Android etc.



5x precision improved. Sony 5MP sensor implanted. Camera outputs directly depth data, supporting GigE interface. Suitable for industrial cases like bin-picking, unstack, etc.


High-speed dynamic depth camera FM851 has Global shutter sensors implanted, up to 4ms of exposure time. IP65 protection. Supporting POE, hard trigger signal. Only 4 watt of power consumption.


With creative WindMill™ technology, higher precision can be achieved. Portable but powerful computing chip embedded, up to 4fps depth data output. Supporting ethernet interface, POE.


With the first generation of windmill™, it can provide higher detection accuracy. It can achieve fast detection up to 4 fps, small and light. IP65 protection design, USB interface, ultra-low power consumption. ​​


Basic industrial model, IP65 protection design, higher detection accuracy than the consumer version, better thermal stability in industrial environment. The best choice for general industrial use.


Supporting perfect RGB and depth data synchronization. With help of trigger hub, multi cameras can all work synchronizelly as high as 27 fps. The best choice for high-precision dynamic real-time detection.


Using TOF method, the fuselage is small and light, and can quickly generate 3D images of the tested scene. The frame rate can be configured flexibly. It supports third-party embedded development, and can be applied to industrial measurement, industrial safety, security monitoring, Internet of things and other fields.


Submillimeter precision sensing equipment with low power consumption, small size and high resolution. The camera adopts Gigabit Ethernet to ensure fast data output, realize on-chip point cloud depth calculation, and support synchronous data output of point cloud, depth, RGB and IR. It is suitable for the application of robots in various industrial scenes and supports the cooperative operation of multiple series of robots.


P-Series high-precision 3D camera, based on the principle of dynamic structured light, with sub millimeter accuracy, supports HDR imaging and comes with its own floodlight source. It is suitable for higher precision applications such as short-range recognition and measurement of small objects, such as loading and unloading, logistics automation, three-dimensional reconstruction and so on.


We provide our high-quality partners with high-level camera customization services, including but not limited to appearance, structure, performance, interface and application development. More than 100 enterprises at home and abroad, including Hisense, Lianying, JD, Hive Box, Google, Liberty Reach, have been served as customized customers.


We attach great importance to the relationship with developers. In addition to providing a complete multi Platform SDK, we promise to provide professional technical support services. Enterprise customers can contact our business representatives to enjoy point-to-point technical support services.