Ethernet series depth sensors
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Percipio ethernet depth camera includes high-speed series, Windmill™ and Beampaddle™ series. Each camera is equipped with a powerful computing image chip, which directly outputs depth data. Various product lines support any combination of resolution, working distance, detection accuracy and physical interface. Industrial level protection makes it more stable and durable. It supports perfect synchronization or data splicing of multiple devices. Linux, windows, Android and other cross platform support make development more efficient.




5x precision improved. Sony 5MP sensor implanted. Camera outputs directly depth data, supporting GigE interface. Suitable for industrial cases like bin-picking, unstack, etc.



High-speed dynamic depth camera FM851 has Global shutter sensors implanted, up to 4ms of exposure time. IP65 protection. Supporting POE, hard trigger signal. Only 4 watt of power consumption.



With creative WindMill™️ technology, higher precision can be achieved. Portable but powerful computing chip embedded, up to 4fps depth data output. Supporting ethernet interface, POE.



People counting algorithm based on 3D implanted, lower cost but more accurate. 100M ethernet interface more suitable for bus, shopping mall and elevator using.