Esse est percipi

Understand the world by 3D

New Dynamic Structured Light Product

Submillimeter level high precision to realize short-range small object recognition. HDR imaging to optimize the imaging effect of high contrast scenes. Embedded infrared floodlight source, 64 level brightness adjustment, supporting online dynamic calibration.

Fully Upgraded New BeamPaddle™ Series

5x depth detection precision improved. Sony sensor. Depth data self-compute, GigE interface support. Suitable for kinds of bin picking and unstack industrial applications.

Smaller, faster, stronger

With unique WindMill™ technology, higher precision provided. Portable but powerful, using edge compute, only 100 microsecond took outputting 3D data. PoE (Power on Ethernet) support.

People counting without missing

3D people counting algorithm planted
uLower cost and higher accuracy. 1000M network transmission. Suitable for public transport, supermarket, elevator, etc.

Be smaller

 RGBD output. The best choice for Bin-Picking. Suitable for weak light even no light environment

Product news

Here about new product, SDK and solutions updates, etc.

Industrial solutions

Provide industrial solution design service, including depth camera selection and solution consultant.

quality from professional

PERCIPIO series depth cameras contains more than 50 types. Our field application engineer will recommend you suitable solutions adapting to your use case.